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vick christineChristine Vick

Senior Advisor

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Christine Vick provides consulting services for Cohen Group clients from a variety of industries, including energy, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, financial services, agriculture, and consumer products. She specializes in developing and implementing domestic and foreign government affairs strategies, assessing international political and economic risk, and facilitating commercial partnerships in emerging markets.

Ms. Vick has a strong personal interest in the People's Republic of China where she has traveled extensively since her first visit with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger in 1974. She has assisted a number of multinational corporations in achieving their business interests in China, as well as other countries and regions throughout the world. In addition, she closely follows trends in the US Congress and in US foreign policy, along with evolving political and economic undercurrents in foreign countries, to determine their impact on commercial activities in key global markets.

Ms. Vick's involvement in foreign affairs dates to 1971 when she began her service at the US Department of State, commencing her work with Dr. Kissinger in 1973. In 1977, she accompanied Dr. Kissinger to the private sector and culminated her association with him as Vice President of Kissinger Associates, headquartered in New York. Her work bridging the public and private sectors in the international arena continued upon her return to Washington, DC where she joined the law firm of Powell, Goldstein, Frazer & Murphy as Senior Policy Advisor. Ms. Vick was a founding partner of the international consulting firm Andreae, Vick and Associates before she and her colleagues merged their operations with The Cohen Group in 2003.

Ms. Vick was appointed by the US Congress to serve on a bi-partisan commission established to develop recommendations on the creation of the Abraham Lincoln Study Abroad Fellowship Program. Ms. Vick served as a member of the Federal Advisory Committee for the 100,000 Strong Initiative, which promoted scholarships for American students to study abroad in China. She is a Trustee Emeritus of Gettysburg College, is a member of the Advisory Board of the Jackson Hole Center for Global Affairs and also serves as Vice Chair of the UNC Global Leadership Council at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, her alma mater.


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