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Health Care & Life Sciences

The Cohen Group (TCG) has assisted a variety of operators and investors in the health care and life sciences sectors. This includes research-based and generic pharmaceutical firms; health insurance firms; medical research institutions; clinical care providers; home health care providers; medical equipment producers and distributors; medical device testing and certification laboratories; nutraceutical developers and distributors; international health care providers; health IT firms; animal health care firms; and medical facilities firms. We have assisted such clients in the US, Europe, Russia, the Middle East, China, India, and elsewhere.

With a team of cabinet, senior subcabinet, civil service and business professionals from the US, Europe, Asia, and Australia with deep experience on every continent, TCG has the expertise to assist in a wide range of situations in the US and globally.

  • As Chairman of the Senate Aging Committee, Ranking Republican of the House Health and Long-Term Care Subcommittee, and chairman of other relevant committees with policy and funding authorities, Secretary William Cohen was a congressional leader for a quarter century on certain health care issues, including preventive health care; long-term care insurance; nursing home policy; Medicare and Medicaid fraud; health care IT; Indian, veteran and military health care; and access for the disabled, among other issues.
  • Other TCG team members have served in senior positions in government and private sector health care organizations, including: Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs; Director of TRICARE Management, a $50 billion per year global network serving 10 million members; Director of Corporate and Government Affairs in China for a global pharmaceutical firm; Deputy Director of US-India Business Council responsible for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, IPR, and market access; and Senior Director of India's leading industry association, responsible for health care and medical technology.

US Health Care

TCG has provided strategic, business development, legislative, and regulatory aid to numerous US firms:

  • Assisted a consortium of medical research institutions to win a multi-year federal award to develop and operate a regenerative medicine institute, backed by $165 million of federal funding.
  • Advised an investor in home health care providers on the direction of CMS reimbursement structures.
  • Assisted equipment manufacturers, from laboratory technology to specialized flooring and wall systems, to develop and execute strategies to enter the market for federal bio-research and hospital facilities.
  • Assisted a medical device maker to address issues with its government customer agency following a manufacturing problem, enabling our client to secure additional contracts with over $250 million.
  • Due diligence for private equity firms on multiple heath care acquisition targets, assessing the target firm and its suppliers, contracts, management, reputation and competitors, as well as the overall market.

International Health Care and Life Sciences

TCG has supported US, European and Asian health care, pharmaceutical, insurance and equipment firms to promote their products and address regulatory issues in the Middle East, India, China, and other markets.

  • Assisted a leading US health insurance and health management firm to "go global," building government relations strategies to win contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars in GCC markets and directly supporting the CEO in building relationships with public and private sector leaders.
  • Assisted a large US health care institution to establish a hospital in the UAE, providing strategic advice, building its relationships with senior officials and its local venture partner, assisting in staff recruitment, and overcoming challenges during this multi-year process, and also advising on Saudi and other markets.
  • Assisted US healthcare packaging firm to grow its presence in India, including finding local partners.
  • Assisted a US standards and testing organization to understand new Indian medical device regulations, build relationships with political and senior civil servant decision makers at the national and state level, influence government policy, and raise our client's profile and position it as a thought leader in India.
  • Assisted a European vaccine developer and manufacturer to penetrate the Chinese market, building relationships with decision makers and collaboration with Chinese research agencies.
  • Assisted a biotechnology equipment firm to obtain appropriate licensing from China's State FDA and to identify and negotiate a joint venture agreement with a Chinese partner.
  • Assisted a nutraceutical firm to re-enter China by negotiating new regulations, growing annual China revenue to $4 billion, and to enter Russia and to manage its distribution network there.
  • Assisted a leading architectural firm to win multiple competitions to design hospital campuses in China.

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